The cees dekker Diaries

Employing single-molecule optical and AFM imaging and force-spectroscopy procedures, we search for to unravel the mechanistic facets of the structure and dynamics of chromosomes. Our investigate passions include things like:

It was only while in the nineteen nineties however, when nanotechnology experienced Superior to the degree where by solitary molecules can be manipulated, that the initial experimental equipment began to seem.

Multicolor imaging of the bacterial nucleoid and mobile division proteins with blue, orange, and in close proximity to-infrared fluorescent proteins

Since 2000, Dekker has shifted the principle focus of his perform toward biophysics where he scientific studies the Houses of one biomolecules and cells using the resources of nanotechnology. This modification of industry was driven by his fascination to the extraordinary performing of Organic molecular constructions, in addition to from the extended-term perspective that numerous attention-grabbing discoveries is often predicted On this field.[five] Latest traces of study in his biophysics team are from the areas of:[six]

This yielded a breakthrough. Inside only a few months, we were in the position to measure transportation by a person single-walled carbon nanotube. Based upon small-temperature experiments by an excellent PhD college student in my team, Sander Tans (now a valued colleague and professor at Delft University of Technological innovation using an active research lab at AMOLF in Amsterdam), we showed that carbon nanotubes ended up authentic quantum wires with really lengthy (micrometres) Digital coherence lengths — confirming theoretical predictions of metallic behaviour.

Our investigation ranges through the biophysics of DNA to artificial cells and over and above. Remember to have a look beneath in the spectrum of our present tasks.

‘In the beginning we checked out Organic systems by using a Actual physical view and acted on The idea with the tools we knew. It took a several years right before we started out Performing extra on the big biological troubles. I then began to connect with it nanobiology, a term that did not exist at time.

Case in point (1) of bending configurations in 3D simulations of DNA rods on nanopores. A percentage of the membrane is shown in gray, the rim from the pore is highlighted in purple, along with a 3D rendering with the motion with the DNA rod is displayed.

‘Sure, I fully grasp individuals ended up shocked at enough time. At the end of the nineties, Once i was in my forties, I had been Professor of Molecular Electronics and I have to admit that it experienced turn into a bit bored, I didn’t understand much any more. The sphere went a lot more into the applying facet, how you may combine nanotubes into Digital circuits.

Resolving the stage dimension in condensin-driven DNA loop extrusion identifies ATP binding as the step-generating procedure

‘The concept that There exists this type of issue being a starting, a huge bang, is by now a fascinating signpost to take into consideration that there was a creator. But additional generally, and on the basis of pure rationality, I also get there in a Christian interpretation of fact. An atheistic worldview is often a naturalistic worldview: basically, you can find only atoms and normal forces that we could measure.

2006, first demonstration of molecular sorting within a lab with a chip using biomotors; discovery of nanobubbles in reliable-point out nanopores; and first estimate of electrokinetic Vitality conversion inside of a nanofluidic channel

Permit’s initially look back in the mean time if you made a decision to change your aim from superconductivity and nanotubes to biology at the end of the 1990s.

2013, managed shaping of Reside bacterial cells into arbitrary styles; and discovery of spontaneous fluctuations while in the handedness of histone tetrasomes

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